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Darron Froese (
Fri, 28 May 1999 18:39:04 -0600

> Make sure you have PAM support..


I thought this might be the case as well, but it doesn't seem to be. There
are 5 different linux options in the Makefile:

# lnx Linux with traditional passwords and crypt() in the C library
# lnp Linux with Pluggable Authentication Modules (PAM)
# sl4 Linux using -lshadow to get the crypt() function
# sl5 Linux with shadow passwords, no extra libraries
# slx Linux using -lcrypt to get the crypt() function

"lnx" is really old and is really not advised. sl4 and sl5 are for older c
libs - not glibc (I tried sl5 anyways - I can't remember if it built)

If you build with "slx" (what worked on our other systems using PAM -
mklinux) this is the message you get when building:

You are building for libc6/glibc versions of Secure Linux
If you want libc5 versions you must use sl5 instead!
If you want libc4 versions you must use sl4 instead!

It builds just fine and doesn't work. If you build with "lnp" it builds and
still does the same thing:

May 28 18:20:09 ans imapd[10667]: imap service init from
May 28 18:20:10 ans imapd[10667]: Login failure user=darron []
May 28 18:20:14 ans imapd[10667]: Connection reset by peer, while reading
line user=darron []

Has *anyone* build the U of W imapd server on Yellowdog?

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