Re: One monitor, two computers?

Subject: Re: One monitor, two computers?
From: Jason P. Stanford (
Date: Wed Nov 03 1999 - 13:00:02 MST

I'd discovered NiftyTelnet+SSH over the summer and use it quite a bit. I
don't need frequent access to the YDL box, but I've twice had it freez
on me (kernel panic?) which is likely due to an infrequently encountered
config but I might have in the .config I made for the 2.2.12 kernel I
last implemented. So, there are times that "direct" access to the
terminal would be handy without needing to shutdown. I like the idea of
the DrBott switch. It's expensive, but it's not my money. Hopefully it
will work well, as others here have hinted. When it gets here, I'll post
my findings...

Urs Hochstrasser wrote:
> Hi,
> I know that is just opiniion, but F-Secure has a sort of crappy
> Microsoft GUI feel to it, and the website didn't give me the
> impression that the company was very Mac-centric. I just used the
> trial version until I found NiftyTelnet with SSH. Since I only need
> that SSH-Telnet feature, and no tunneling, I am very happy with it.
> In the meantime I got my Mac to work as an X-terminal for my MkLinux
> 7100 (With TNTx) . Works well, but it's quite slow. Was just worth a
> try,,,
> Cheers
> --Urs
> Kevin Shortell wrote:
> >I would not advocate spending any money on F-Secure SSH for the
> >Macintosh, It has not been updated in over a year, and is quite
> >buggy on newer versions of the Mac OS.
> >
> >Having actually PAID for 5 copies, and not having Data Fellows ever
> >even bother to update it, was rather annoying.
> >
> >Their tactic is to come up with an entirely new product, based on SSH2
> >which you'd have to pay another $99 for.
> >
> >Kevyn
> >
> >(Note, these are my personal opinions, not Apple's)
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