b&w g3 install problems

Subject: b&w g3 install problems
From: Kelly Burton (kburton@mosquitonet.com)
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 16:45:26 MST

Hi there!
        I just got ahold of yellow dog linux for my b&w g3, and had a
problem installing it last night. I could launch the installer, get the
drive partitioned, and install all of the software just fine. However,
when the installer tried to configure the mouse it came up with an error.
I looked in the install guide and it said that this error came up when
there wasn't enough disk space available, so I checked the disk space and
it came up with 130MB swap, 195MB /usr, 195MB /home, and 3.5GB root. So I
ran the installer again, everything the same except this time with 100MB
swap, and 4GB root, and it gave the same error. I just skipped the
configuration and installed linux anyway, but it didn't work very well,
and I wasn't able to configure time zone, services, printer, x windows, or
the video driver.

        I'm somewhat baffeled here, so if someone could lead me in the right
direction, it would be much appreciated.

        Oh, the system I have is a 350mhz, 192MB ram, a 6GB IDE, an
ATTO scsi fast/wide controller, a 4.3GB barracuda, and a 4.3GB cheetah. I
Know the scsi controller isn't officialy supported, but linux seems to
recognize it just fine.


Kelly Burton
Senior Tech Support Specialist

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