Installing YDL on a B&W G3 (SCSI Problems)

Subject: Installing YDL on a B&W G3 (SCSI Problems)
From: Dennis Gies (
Date: Thu Nov 04 1999 - 21:55:14 MST

Hi all,

I'm afraid this is going to rehash some old ground, but I've searched the
archives, and I haven't seen anyone with quite the problem I'm having.

I'm trying to install on a blue and white G3, and after booting from the
control panel (using the Ramdisk and no video options), I get through the
installation up to the screen where you have to pick fdisk or the other
thing. I pick fdisk, and then it tells me that I don't have any SCSI
devices configured, and then returns me to the previous screen. The
kicker is that I don't have any SCSI devices in the machine (as far as I
know, and as far as the System Profiler tells me. I'm not too familiar
with this machine, but I know there's only one HD, and its reported as

Does anyone know what's going on here? I would really like to get this
working. If the installation program could just somehow skip detection of
the scsi drives and then let me partition the ide I'd be fine...

Thanks in advance, and again, sorry for any repetitive-ness


Dennis Gies         "God is real...unless          declared as an integer."

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