dpms and xset

Subject: dpms and xset
From: Evan Read (eread@netaccess.co.nz)
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 01:44:58 MST

[This message is addressed to the author of a program called KDPMS but
also put forward to a few mailing lists for extra help]


I was hoping you could help me out.

I am getting the message you mention in your documentation (ie "Sorry,
your X Server lacks DPMS support").

If I try to set it manually with: xset dpms force suspend

I get:

X Error of failed request: BadMatch (invalid parameter attributes)
  Major opcode of failed request: 146 (DPMS)
  Minor opcode of failed request: 6 (DPMSForceLevel)
  Serial number of failed request: 11
  Current serial number in output stream: 13

I am using 2.2.6 kernal with KDE 1.1.2 and Xfree86

Any Suggestions?



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