Subject: E-mail
From: Neil Jolly (njolly@home.com)
Date: Sat Nov 06 1999 - 15:04:08 MST

I'm trying to consolidate our e-mail so all our clients can use the same
pop mail server. Currently we have several different Isps (not my
idea!), and i'd like to set up 1 server to donload mail from our
different Isps, sort the mail by the To: field for access from the local
clients. All the Isps are on dial up links. Does anybody have asimilar
setup or even a faint idea as to how I could accomplish this?

My only ideas to date involve a script to telnet to each Isp and dl the
mail, but I'm not sure how you hand it over to sendmail or preferably
q-mail for processing. Thanks in advance.

-- Neil Jolly
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