Howto procced with: Apache, PERL, PHP, mySQL, etc.

Subject: Howto procced with: Apache, PERL, PHP, mySQL, etc.
From: D W (
Date: Sun Nov 07 1999 - 13:20:28 MST


I just installed YellowDog Linux. Install went
smoothly. I am a new to KDE.

Being somewhat new to Apache, PERL, PHP, etc., I
am trying to find out if there is some 'recipe' or
HOWTO for helping me to locate install and run:

Apache, PERL, PHP3, mySQL

within the YDL install I performed. At YDL install,
I did choose the apache and related packages.

I have also gone to and have downloaded the latest RPMs
for PHP, mySQL.

a. What I have not been able to find is where in
the YDL install is Apache and it's installation

b. Where should apache be installed?

c. Where should PERL and PHP3 installed as mod's to
Apache, etc.?

d. Has YDL install already installed Apache and PERL
and PHP exactly where they belong?

e. is there some KDE menu item that will help me configure
and start up Apache? PERL? PHP?

f. are all the Linux, Apache or PERL HOW-TO's already
installed somewhere in my YDL install? If so - where
are they? How do I find them?

So, if Apache and PERL and PHP3 have already been
installed in my YDL, is there some doc(s) on how to
get these all up and running?

Thanks for any help or pointers on this.



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