Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!

Subject: Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!
From: matthew bradley (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 14:42:15 MST

> Subject: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!
> 5) mice
> - I have a Kensington multi-button ADB mouse hooked up through an iMate
> adapter. Is that considered a USB multibutton, ADB multibutton, USB single
> button, or ADB single button? Ack!

from my personal experience... things hooked up via USB hubs aren't
identified buy YDL. also, my G3 350 running YDL doesn't like my kensington
trackball or multibutton mouse (both prodcuts are USB)... i use my
regular-from-apple-mutant-round (classified as a one buttom USB mouse) mouse
when i boot into linux and pull my hub. if your particilar kensington mouse
would work, i would venture a guess and consider it a USB multibutton.

talking to an associate, who works with cort (one of the guys that wrote the
kernel that YDL and LPPC use) that's the best thing to do... more USB
support is coming.

also, from my experiene HFS+ mounting from inside isn't happening yet
either. my searches for info on this have turned up null. i may be wrong,
and would love to hear of solutions of this myself.

good luck w/the rest of your issues.


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