Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!

Subject: Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!
From: Josh Hochman (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 15:11:12 MST

My setup is this:

iMate plugged into keyboard
Kensington ADB trackball plugged into iMate
Linux set to 3 button USB mouse

My result is:

a working mouse, but only 1 button


I guess I didn't think Apple was sending out machines formatted with HFS+.
Now I know why I cannot mount it. Oh well. Thanks for the info.


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Subject: Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!

> > Subject: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!
> >
> > 5) mice
> > - I have a Kensington multi-button ADB mouse hooked up through an iMate
> > adapter. Is that considered a USB multibutton, ADB multibutton, USB
> > button, or ADB single button? Ack!
> from my personal experience... things hooked up via USB hubs aren't
> identified buy YDL. also, my G3 350 running YDL doesn't like my kensington
> trackball or multibutton mouse (both prodcuts are USB)... i use my
> regular-from-apple-mutant-round (classified as a one buttom USB mouse)
> when i boot into linux and pull my hub. if your particilar kensington
> would work, i would venture a guess and consider it a USB multibutton.
> talking to an associate, who works with cort (one of the guys that wrote
> kernel that YDL and LPPC use) that's the best thing to do... more USB
> support is coming.
> also, from my experiene HFS+ mounting from inside isn't happening yet
> either. my searches for info on this have turned up null. i may be wrong,
> and would love to hear of solutions of this myself.
> good luck w/the rest of your issues.
> matt

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