Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!

Subject: Re: X,ppp,LinuxDisks - oh my!
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Tue Nov 09 1999 - 21:40:53 MST

Josh Hochman wrote:

> First off, thanks in advance for any feedback on the following... user lists
> like these are an indispensable resource!


> 1) XConfig
> - anybody have an XConfig set up for a G4 (Yikes)
> - has anybody run Xpmac on the G4, if so, is it faster or easier to
> configure?

Try the B&W G3 pages, there's a link to them from the XFree86 page link in my
signature, and there's some other info on the XFree86 pages that you might find
helpful as well. If you have the G4 with the pci based video you'll be able to
set X up no problem, but you may be out of luck for a bit if you have the agp
based video - as far as I know they don't work yet.

> 2) LinuxDisks
> - is this program toast? I cannot find it anywhere...
> - is there any other Mac program that mounts/reads/writes ext2 partitions?

Seems to me I found a link that was still good a while back after performing
some internet searches, but I can't seem to find it now. Try doing a search,
and follow the links.

> 3) HFS support
> - can I mount MacOS 8.6 extended partitions? 'mount -t hfs /dev/hda8 /mnt'
> mounts something that looks unusable and contains a file
> 'where_did_all_my_files_go?' (!)
> - hmount will mount the disk in the same way

Sounds like a HFS+ partition/disk. HFS+ is not supported yet.

> 4) ppp
> - what's the best way to easily configure pppd? Linuxconf? It's been so
> long, I cannot remember how did it last time (by hand, I think...)

You could use Kppp, Linuxconf, GnomePPP, or netcfg. Try them all until you find
one that you like. From what I've seen on the lists a lot of users have had
trouble with GnomePPP.

> - how do USB <-> Serial converters map devices? I have a serial ISDN modem
> hooked up to a Keyspan adapter... will it still be /dev/cua1?

No Idea there.

> 5) mice
> - I have a Kensington multi-button ADB mouse hooked up through an iMate
> adapter. Is that considered a USB multibutton, ADB multibutton, USB single
> button, or ADB single button? Ack!

Ack is right.

> If anyone has a working XConfig or ppp script that they can toss my way, I'd
> greatly appreciate it. Thanks again!

You can check the pages in my signature for an XF86Config for the B&W G3, but
you would be better to generate your own.

> -Josh

-- Neil Jolly
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