Mouse, Cut & Paste, Ctrl-Z, Segmentation Fault problems

Subject: Mouse, Cut & Paste, Ctrl-Z, Segmentation Fault problems
From: D W (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 00:08:26 MST

Hello Arthur,

I'm new to YDL and have encountered some problems and
questions taht I'm hoping someone can help with.

1. I am running YDL on a PMac 7500 w/ 400MHz G3 card.
The mouse I'm using is actually a Mouse Systems A3
trackball (ADB). I boot Linux with kernel arguments:


However, when running Linux, F11 (or is it F12?)
doesn't do anything, but F12 does display a pop-up.

If I'm trying to emulate a 3-button mouse, is this
kernel argument correct? Are the 3 'buttons':
mouse, F11, F12? What do F11 and F12 do besides
calling up a single popup on the KDE desktop?

Or - is there some other way(s) I need to be
telling YDL abiut the trackball? (Kernel rebuild?).

Also - can the Mouse Systems A3 trackball, which
actually does have a Left, Center and Right button
be used used as a physical 3-button mouse? (If so -


2. When running a standard terminal window under KDE
(kvt?), the terminal app does not have any Edit:Cut/
Paste menu items. Is there a 'universal' cut/paste
command for cutting and pasting between the terminal
windows? (and/or other Linux apps?)

I read somewhere where I simply need to select text with
the mouse, click in a window, and press some keys
(or F11 or F12). But none of these resulted in pasting
the copied text.

3. I'm used to pressing Control-Z in UNIX to suspend
a running application. In Linux, Control-Z doesn't
always seems to suspend an app. Is this normal? (ie
not all apps can be suspended w/ Control-Z) . Or is
there some other keystrokes (F11, Alt (whatever that key
is!) to use for suspending an app?


4. I'm used to pressing Control-C to kill/halt a running
app in UNIX. This also doesn't seem to always work
in Linux. Again - some other key I should be using?


5. When Linux docs talk about using the Alt key -
where is the Alt key equivalent on my Apple Extended
Keyboard II ?


6. I was trying to re-install YDL (to do an update).
I reboot the Mac without the Bootx control panel or
extension. Then proceed just as I did with the
first install. I boot w/ the ramdisk, the install
window comes up. When it asks me to install the
install CD, I do so, press OK but get:

    Segmentation fault
       install exited abnormally

Any idea on why I'm getting this crash?


7. While browsing the Web under MacOS w/ Netscape 4.x,
I'll for example, select some text from a page, Cmd-C
copy it, then Cmd-V paste it into a Word doc. I'll
then save the Word doc as Text or Tex w/ Linefeeds

If I then try mounting the MacOS partition containing
the saved Word doc under Linux, then open the saved doc
with vi in a KDE terminal (kvt), vi displays all the
line feeds as: "^M" .

Is there some way I can either save files under MacOS,
or open/read MacOS text files under Linux and have the
CR/LF's show up as CR's and not: "^M" 's ?


Thanks in advance for any help on these questions.



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