Re: Howto procced with: Apache, PERL, PHP, mySQL, etc.

Subject: Re: Howto procced with: Apache, PERL, PHP, mySQL, etc.
From: Patrick Larkin (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 07:12:35 MST

I used the same set of instuctions. I had a real problem with the default
install of Apache (the php install needs the src tree of apache, which I
couldn't find.) I had much better luck reinstalling YDL and choosing NOT to
install Apache. Then, I downloaded each set of source files, compiled, and
installed them. Works great.

I had one problem. I couldn't find a ppc binary distribution for MySQL. I
downloaded the source, it compiled perfectly and installed fine but it
didn't install in the /usr/local/mysql directory. It put the executables in
/usr/local/bin so I couldn't change the owner to mysql as the instructions
indicate. (I tried changing the default install dir as per the README but
the compilation seemed to hang up every time I tried.

My $.02


Lindsay Adams wrote:

> This is exactly the set of instructions I used to setup the exact
> same thing, with probably the same amount of experience in the area.
> ie, next to none.
> >On 11/7/99 at 12:20 PM, D W wrote:
> >
> >:
> >: Hello,
> >:
> >: I just installed YellowDog Linux. Install went
> >: smoothly. I am a new to KDE.
> >:
> >: Being somewhat new to Apache, PERL, PHP, etc., I
> >: am trying to find out if there is some 'recipe' or
> >: HOWTO for helping me to locate install and run:
> >:
> >: Apache, PERL, PHP3, mySQL
> >:
> >
> >DevShed has an excellent tutorial on how to setup Apache, PHP and MySQL:
> >
> >
> >
> >Don

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