Re: fastethernet on 8500

Subject: Re: fastethernet on 8500
From: Mark Fassler (
Date: Wed Nov 10 1999 - 12:20:45 MST

Walls, Bryan wrote...
> I'd like to install a PCI Fast Ethernet (100BT) card in my 8500 to
> use with the Darwin Streaming Server (QuickTime) on Champion 1.1.
> I've gotten somewhat conflicting reports. Does anyone have a card
> that works for them? Recommendations as to what is good/bad?
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The 3com 3C509B will work. Also, most cards that use the tulip driver
or the de4x5 driver will work (if they use the standard linux tulip
driver, they should work. If they come with their own tulip driver, they
will probably not work under PPC).

The tulip cards work great and tend to be very cost-effective (a lot of
the off brands and the cheaper brands use the DEC tulip chip), but it's
difficult to know beforehand exactly what chip/driver it uses. The
3C509B's work great, but you pay extra for the name.

There are probably others that I don't know about...

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