Re: Update for Newbies/Dummies?

Subject: Re: Update for Newbies/Dummies?
From: Reid Ellis (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 08:23:55 MST

A while back, Spino <> said:
> If you have installed YDL and want to know what programs that need to be
> updated, how do find all th version numbers of all the programs installed
> (I guess an Installation Log would help, but what if you don't have it?),
> where is a list of all the programs that make up YDL with version numbers
> to compare to and find what needs to be updated, and once you d/l the
> updated software, how do you update?

I'm surprised nobody else answered this by now [I'm catching up on old mail].

What you are looking for is 'rpm', which is the "Red Hat Package manager".
Although it's mainly used for installing/removing apps, you can also use it to
get a list of the version numbers of everything:

        % rpm -q -a | head -10

[I piped it through 'head -10' to get only the first ten lines.] [Note that
this output is from running it on my PC Red Hat 6.1 box, so your output will
look a little different in terms of version numbers etc.]

To get the version number of something specific, like the 'mcvert' package I
have up there [a very useful package -- converts binhex, macbinary, etc], you
would do this:

        % rpm -q mcvert

If you have a program and don't know what "package" it belongs to, you can
find out by doing this:

        % rpm -q -f /bin/ypdomainname

For more info about a package, do this:

        % rpm -q -i net-tools
        Name : net-tools Relocations: (not relocateable)
        Version : 1.53 Vendor: Red Hat Software
        Release : 1 Build Date: Sun Aug 29 20:16:43 1999
        Install date: Sat Oct 16 01:28:05 1999 Build Host:
        Group : System Environment/Base Source RPM: net-tools-1.53-1.src.rpm
        Size : 569756 License: GPL
        Packager : Red Hat Software <>
        Summary : The basic tools for setting up networking.
        Description :
        The net-tools package contains the basic tools needed for setting up
        networking: arp, rarp, ifconfig, netstat, ethers and route.

rpm is basically your friend. There are GUI tools for rpm, but I am
unfamiliar with them.

Hope this helps,

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