PB G3, OS 9, Support questions

Subject: PB G3, OS 9, Support questions
From: Stuart R. Hall (gasdocstu@my-Deja.com)
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 12:07:52 MST

Hey list,

I've got YDL running on a PB G3 with MacOS 9.
It's been installed for a couple of months, and I just have a few questions for everyone:

(1) Is there yet support for my ATI Rage LT Pro
chipset for graphics acceleration?

(2) Do other people notice inconsistencies with the GUIs, such as with AfterStep? I usually use it, but I notice that it's not always the same when I run it. Sometimes I'll have a little group of icons above the "Work" desktop window . . . and in that case, the window doesn't follow me from desktop to desktop. Other times, the little icon bar is gone, and the "Work" window follows me.

(3) The other problem with AfterStep (and the other Xwindows systems). Mine seems to quit after periods of inactivity. I have it set to kick in the screen saver, but instead, it'll quit back to the Xwindows launcher. Is there a way to get it to stop quitting, and just use the built-in screen savers?

(4) Is there support for sleep mode?



Stuart Hall

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