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Subject: Re: another newbie question
From: Evan Read (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 21:36:44 MST

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Sounds like you need to set the UID bit. This will allow kppp to run as
root (which it has to) even when launched by a user.

If you want to use the KDE interface, go into /usr/bin and right mouse click
(or hit keypad "=" key) on kppp and find "Permissions" in the box that comes

Tick the Set UID box. Also make sure that kppp is executable to owner,
group AND others.

on 12/11/99 12:26, Joseph Clark at wrote:

> So, after taking all the advice I got the other day, I
> did successfully get my YDL-powerd IMac to dial into
> my ISP via ppp.
> However, it only works from my root account, not from
> my standard user account. I'm using KDE and kppp to
> dial in, and when I open it as a mere user, it says
> somethign about pppd not being installed. Which it is.
> Also, the configuration for my ISP that I created as
> root is not available to me as a user, so I had to
> re-enter information. My question is: Is there an easy
> way to make my "preferences" that I set up as root
> available to some or all users? And why would pppd be
> available to root but not to a user. Thanks for any
> help you can offer.
> I promise, months from now I will come back and give
> advice to NEW newbies. I swear.
> thanks,
> -joe
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