Re:fdisk install probs

Subject: Re:fdisk install probs
From: Eric Bickford (
Date: Thu Nov 11 1999 - 21:46:27 MST

I have a 7600 with an old external LaCie Joule SCSI hard drive and I'm
trying to install YDL 1.1 from the CD. I've got the exact same problem as
that mentioned below a month ago. Entering "w" to write the partition
info gets a "Device or Resource Busy" error, and "Re-read of partition
table failed". Nothing seems to work.

Anyone know if this hard drive isn't supported and I'm out of luck, or is
there something else I can try in order to partition and format the
entire drive for installing Linux?

>>Well, 99.9% of the people using CS 1.1 have had no problems with installer
>>stability. It would help if you mentioned all of the hardware you
>>currently have on your system. Linux doesn't always play nice with
>>hardware it doesn't understand.
>it wouldn't install on an external scsi. on a g3 beige tower and also the 9600

I'm having problems with fdisk while trying to install champion server
1.1 (from CD) on a beige g3.

On an external scsi 2G, i have a 400 meg HFS partition. I configure a 1
gig root partition, a 128 meg swap partition and ~500M extra partition on
6,7 and 8.

All seems fine, but when i go to save the map, i get a "pdisk: re-read of
partition table failed. (device or resource busy) reboot your system to
ensure the
table is updated"

When I quit, I get an fdisk "error reading partition table for the block
device /tmp/sdb error was:device not configured"

The installation manual says to just hit skip drive. At which point I get
a "Segmentation Fault. install ended abnormally. sending termination, kill
signals, unmounting. you may safely reboot your system."

Then I have to turn the power off.

I've restarted and tried this several times. Any advice?

John Holm


Eric Bickford
Web Broadcasting

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