Re: fdisk install probs

Subject: Re: fdisk install probs
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Fri Nov 12 1999 - 12:15:25 MST

Disk Druid doesn't work on ppc, and I think fdisk on ppc is a link to
pdisk, which is similar but not exactly the same, since fdisk is meant
for Intel architecture.

I remember having trouble with this part of the install but I don't
remember _exactly_ how I fixed it. If you make any change to the
partition table you must restart, so the key is to step over the
partitioning the second time through - perhaps F12???.

The Jaz should work as a scsi drive. I have a Zip - the kernel gets
confused about the drive size if there's no media in it when you boot
up, but it seems to work fine regardless.

Eric Bickford wrote:
> >After a couple of times I just ignored the error, shut the power off,
> >restarted it & installed - the partition table was written despite the
> >reported error and it works just fine.
> I, however, can't get past Figure 5.13 on page 5.15. It drops me into
> "segmentation fault... install exited.. you may safely reboot...". I can
> see that the root and swap have been created, but I can't go any farther.
> Also, since I have a whole SCSI drive I want to initialize and use for
> YDL, why can't I use Disk Duid? The installer won't let me since it see's
> Mac partitions.
> Thanks for any help. I do have a Jaz drive attached as well. Anyone know
> if Jaz is supported hardware?
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