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Subject: Re: RoadRunner in TampaBay
From: Robert Hedin (
Date: Sat Nov 13 1999 - 10:18:51 MST

I'm on it... took a little work though.

Have a small network of about 10 machines (mix of windows & linux, mostly
i86, one G4 switchable between MacOS & YDL). Using old 100Mhz Pentium
running linux as gateway to the cable modem. Some points: Tampa uses Toshiba
protocols rather than DEC, so rrlogind doesn't seem to work properly
(actually I got it to login and work for a while, but after about an hour it
drops the connection and can't get it back), so you'll want to use rrlogin.c

A site that was fairly helpful was :

If you just want to drop the one machine on, that's probably all you'll
need; If you want to setup a mini network, you'll also need to make sure
IPChains is enabled, and you may need to compile it etc.

Fun facts to know, is that the RR people say that they're dropping the
requirement for login (except to manage accounts), so basically all you'll
have to do is use DHCP and badabing, you're on. That won't be ready for a
"couple of months" though.

If I can help, let me know. FYI, I am in the Carrolwood area, and have had
RR since the beginning here.


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> Has anyone had any success getting on the Roadrunner network in Tampa?

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