Re: booting/install on 7200

Subject: Re: booting/install on 7200
From: Joe Lannom (
Date: Sun Nov 14 1999 - 17:52:13 MST

> The dev/sda8 is the path in the bootX app.
> I have a partition on a 2gig SCSI drive, non-apple. I do have two ethernet
> cards on the machine, is that an issue? there are no SCSI external
> devices. 72RAM, 100MB partition assigned to swap, i was having problems
> at the end of the install, getting it to see the mouse at one point, and
> getting it to set the time/timezone was not working.
> How can I be sure that dev/sda8 is correct?

You've said it twice now, so I'll take a guess and point out that you need
the leading slash. /dev/sda8. Give that a shot.

Two ethernet cards aren't a problem.

> partition table:
> swap 100MB
> /home 120MB
> / 200MB (root)
> /usr ~870MB

If those are ALL the partitions, it'd be /dev/sda3.


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