Re: Help with bootx please

Subject: Re: Help with bootx please
From: Urs Hochstrasser (
Date: Mon Nov 15 1999 - 00:49:51 MST


>Box: B&W 350 G3
>Problem: BootX 1.1.3, Kernel 2.2.12
Well, when using the 2.2.12 kernel from the 'kernels' dir on the YDL
FTP site, I get quite the same result: nothing happens after the
message 'booting'. However, if my RAM serves me right, Dan Bucraw
said on the mailing list, that this is an experimental kernel, so B&W
support might just have dropped out...

I use the 2.2.12 kernel which was announced on the list a while ago
for including an ATI129 driver
( That one works fine,
execpt some minor quirks. Well I had to fiddle with the keymaps, but
at least I know a bit more about .Xmodmap now...

Hope the 2.1.13 kernel Dan wrote about comes out real soon...


Urs Hochstrasser
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