Re: Supported 3 buttons mice

Subject: Re: Supported 3 buttons mice
From: Urs Hochstrasser (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 07:32:56 MST

Shawn wrote:
>I use a unimouse which works "out of he box" on YDL.

Yes I bought the Unimouse too, but I regretted it soon because the
middle button isn't a real scrolling wheel (just looks like it if you
don't look closely enough :-) ). I don't know about scrolling wheel
support in Linux but this will probably come eventually.
So I prefer using the Kensington 'mouse-in-a-box'. I don't know
whether it works out of the box with a 2.2.7 (CS 1.1) kernel but sure
does with a 2.2.12 kernel.

(I use my Mac in MacOS a lot and there the scrolling wheel is real
handy thanks to USB Overdrive).


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