PM 7200 boot freeze

Subject: PM 7200 boot freeze
From: Gary O (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 11:58:37 MST

Hi, I have been following the dialogs and helps with YDL install and I
still can't figure out why YDL freezes just after launching into BootX.
The screen goes black and displays three lines of code describing octal
values for frame buffers followed by the line: Booting . . . . .

it just freezes right there.
Here is my configuration.
PM 7200 with 72 megs of ram.
Original internal 525 mb drive formatted for linux in two partitions
with an additional 4.2 g drive added for MacOS. Running System 8.6

Started with bootx 1.1.1 changed to 1.3 - no difference. I have tried
all possible configurations in the bootx launcher and even looked inside
the •bootx extension with resourcerer to try and locate the problem. No

One additional note if it might help: I have been running linux PPC R5
for a couple of weeks and completely erased all files associated with it
before attempting to install ydl. Your help would be greatly appreciated
and will give me a chance to try out another flavor of linux to compare.

Gary O.

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