Re: PM 7200 boot freeze

Subject: Re: PM 7200 boot freeze
From: Joe Lannom (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 12:12:01 MST

> Hi, I have been following the dialogs and helps with YDL install and I
> still can't figure out why YDL freezes just after launching into BootX.
> The screen goes black and displays three lines of code describing octal
> values for frame buffers followed by the line: Booting . . . . .
> it just freezes right there.
> Here is my configuration.
> PM 7200 with 72 megs of ram.
> Original internal 525 mb drive formatted for linux in two partitions
> with an additional 4.2 g drive added for MacOS. Running System 8.6
> Started with bootx 1.1.1 changed to 1.3 - no difference. I have tried
> all possible configurations in the bootx launcher and even looked inside
> the •bootx extension with resourcerer to try and locate the problem. No
> luck.
> One additional note if it might help: I have been running linux PPC R5
> for a couple of weeks and completely erased all files associated with it
> before attempting to install ydl. Your help would be greatly appreciated
> and will give me a chance to try out another flavor of linux to compare.

I suffered the exact same symptoms and, thanks to the invaluable assistance
of this list, I was able to determine that macOS 8.6 was my problem. I
downgraded to 8.1 on the partition that I'm booting from now, and viola!
It started working like a charm.

My config is a PPC 7200/90 (clocked to 110), with 120M of RAM.

So create a small partition on the internal that you can throw a minimal
install of OS8.0 or 8.1 on it, and boot from that one.


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