Re(2): Ethernet cards and yellowdog

Subject: Re(2): Ethernet cards and yellowdog
From: Frank M. Lazar ( )
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 13:57:30 MST writes:
>I use a Farallon Fast EtherTX 10/100 which works great BUT not with the
>stock kernel - you have to get the latest "tulip.c" sources and
>recompile the kernel _and_ modules, making the stock dec chipset driver
>modular, then modprobe the tulip. If you want details let me know.

I'd appreciate it. I've never recompiled a kernel in Linux, and it's been
a while since I've done it through anything other than a menu based
system. How well does this card work on the Mac side? I'd also like to
be able to do IP masquerade and netatalk through it.

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