Re(2): PM 7200 boot freeze

Subject: Re(2): PM 7200 boot freeze
From: Frank M. Lazar ( )
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 14:01:09 MST writes:
>I suffered the exact same symptoms and, thanks to the invaluable
>of this list, I was able to determine that macOS 8.6 was my problem. I
>downgraded to 8.1 on the partition that I'm booting from now, and viola!
>It started working like a charm.
>My config is a PPC 7200/90 (clocked to 110), with 120M of RAM.
>So create a small partition on the internal that you can throw a minimal
>install of OS8.0 or 8.1 on it, and boot from that one.

I initially had problems with 8.6 but when I reinstalled with a clean
install (as opposed to an upgrade over 8.1) they went away. I'm using
8.6 on a G3-9500.

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