Re: Ethernet cards and yellowdog

Subject: Re: Ethernet cards and yellowdog
From: Ed Jaeger (
Date: Wed Nov 17 1999 - 15:20:56 MST

It works well in MacOS - I got it long before I'd _heard_ of YDL.

Here's what I do:

-Make sure I have kernel-*.rpm installed
-cd /usr/src/linux-2.2.x/drivers/net
-mv tulip.c tulip.c.yellowdog
-Get the latest tulip.c from
-cd /usr/src/linux-2.2.x
-make pmac_config

If I've got X running then {

        -make xconfig


        -make menuconfig

---All kinds of stuff you can leave alone, but:

-change the ethernet card drivers from "y" to "m"


The stock YDL kernel is built with the DE4X5 driver built in. This
driver will see the Dec 21143 in the Farallon card and think it can deal
with it - in fact it will say all is ok - but it will not work! If you
leave the driver in the kernel (i.e. don't make it a module) the tulip
module will never have a chance to doo its thing.

-make sure the tulip driver is set to "m"

-make dep
-make clean
-make vmlinux
-make modules
-make modules_install

--assuming you're using bootx & have your Mac startup volume mounted

-cp /usr/src/linux/vmlinux.2.2.x to (for me) /mnt/macvol/"System
Folder"/"Linux Kernels"/vmlinux.2.2.x.godihopeitworksthistime (or whatever)
-cp /usr/src/linux/ to /boot/
-shutdown from linux, reboot into MacOS, & use BootX with your new kernel
-modprobe tulip
-ifup eth0

Assuming no errors


If all looks cool

-ping (some address you know you should be able to reach)

If everything works put this in your /etc/config.modules file:

alias eth0 tulip

and it will come up everytime you boot!

I hope I didn't give you any bad instructions up there - its from memory
since I'm not at my machine right now - but the part about the drivers
is corret: The stock kernel has a driver built in that thinks it works
with the Farallon card, but it does not. Since it's not a module the
only way to disable it is to make a new kernel without it.

At least you don't have to remember that you forgot to run /sbin/lilo on
a ppc machine - one less thing to screw up.

All kidding aside, if you save your old kernel you can always go back.

"Frank M. Lazar" wrote:
> writes:
> >I use a Farallon Fast EtherTX 10/100 which works great BUT not with the
> >stock kernel - you have to get the latest "tulip.c" sources and
> >recompile the kernel _and_ modules, making the stock dec chipset driver
> >modular, then modprobe the tulip. If you want details let me know.
> I'd appreciate it. I've never recompiled a kernel in Linux, and it's been
> a while since I've done it through anything other than a menu based
> system. How well does this card work on the Mac side? I'd also like to
> be able to do IP masquerade and netatalk through it.
> Frank Lazar Technical Manager
> Copytone Visual Communications
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