Re: Supported 3 buttons mice

Subject: Re: Supported 3 buttons mice
From: Gilbert Fernandes (
Date: Thu Nov 18 1999 - 01:40:00 MST

Guillaume Marçais wrote:

> Is it possible to get a list of the 3 buttons mice, ADB and USB
> supported under YellowDog linux *out of the box* (sorry to insist)?
> Shouldn't this list be on the supported hardware web page?

I've bought a Thinking Mouse from Kensington at last Paris's Apple Expo.
It's a four button mouse, and when I installed Yellow Dog, it told me it
had found "some type of ADB mouse".

I choosed "ADB 3+ buttons" and when using Linux/CS 1.1 the first three
buttons of the mouse work perfectly (the fourth does nothing.. yet).

Have a look on this thread :

Newsgroup: comp.os.linux.powerpc Subject: Mouse Driver
Post by: root <> Date: Tue, 16 Nov 1999 11:10:27 -0800


Gilbert Fernandes

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