Re: G4 & Linux

Subject: Re: G4 & Linux
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Sat Nov 20 1999 - 00:50:27 MST

matthew rehrer wrote:

> what is the status of accelerated x for the b&w g3 (actually i
> have a yikes box)...
> im trying to decide between a linux-pmac and yellow dog
> ive run pmac before on a 9600 and 7500 but am impressed with
> what i have seen thus far of yellow dog's distro...
> anyone care to help me out with the relative benefits?
> thanks
> matthew

I've tried both distributions before, and I find Yellowdog linux to be easier to install.

Ydl seems to recognise more drives than LinuxPPC, and overall is a bit better organised.

Neil Jolly
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