Re: reformatting the hard drive for linux

Subject: Re: reformatting the hard drive for linux
From: Pierre Thibault (
Date: Sat Nov 20 1999 - 18:00:41 MST

>ok, i'm kinda new at this linux stuff...
>i have a separate hard drive set aside for linux. i plan to reformat the
>hard drive anyway. i see that, using Drive Setup, i can reformat as
>MkLinux format or LinuxPPC format. should i reformat as one of these
>types or as just the regular Mac format? i plan to use yellowdog linux,
>so will these types be compatible with it?
As I know, there are no Linux format in the Drive Setup of Apple. You
should format in HFS for Linux. For example:

1) HFS Swap 128Mo
2) HFS Root 2Go
3) HFS Exange 300Mo ( to exange files from MacOS and Linux )

Afther that, use PDisk to change the partition type to AIX.


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