Re: Linux and BeOS

Subject: Re: Linux and BeOS
From: Kevin Hendricks (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 09:13:35 MST

My 2 cents:

> By doing this, Be does just what Apple wants. It hard to do the
> "reverse-engineer"? At the Be site, they seem to say that it is really
> hard. I hope that Linux people are not wasting too much time and this
> process and I hope that this situation will never stop them. Is this could
> represents some danger?

It may represent some danger, but as long as you have good people, it is not
something to worry about. For example: just look at what Ben Herrenschmidt was
able to accomplish in just one weekend to get Linux ported to the iBook and in
a second weekend the SawTooth. Admittedly there are not many people with Ben's
skills, but they do exist.

If BeOS wanted to run on G3's they could very simply. Even if they don't
have someone with Ben's skills, they could easily look a the Linux ppc
kernel and drivers to get the information they need to write their own.
They are simply choosing NOT to.

That is the reason I threw out my BeOS cd's and stopped playing with them and
the reason I never tried to port the JDK to run under BeOS. They have no
future with ppc G3 and G4 systems. If and when they stop playing around with
this "tech specs excuse" and start trying, I and many others would help.


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