Re: Linux and BeOS

Subject: Re: Linux and BeOS
From: Kevin Hendricks (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 12:40:58 MST


I disagree about this being a "stance" to get Apple to change its policies.

Please explain to me the "value-added" to either the consumer or to the BeOS
shareholders (or owners) of this "STANCE". It has no value. Apple wil not
give BeOS the specs and nothing BeOS will do can change that.

In fact, all that is happening is that BeOS's "stance " is hurting consumers
(i.e. they can't access a nice OS).

The only rational business argument I can think of for taking this stance
(given Apple will not change), is that it gives them an excuse to eventually
stop development for their current user base (ppc based) without building lots
of ill-will while allowing them to focus on a much larger market (x86 based).

If this is the reason (a big if), then I wish they would clearly say so.

In my book, their actions (as well as Apple's) are very very self-serving (as
most businesses are, or they would not still be in business). This is one of
the reasons I am developing on Linux.

And as for your attack on Linux compared to BeOS, yes BeOS has a very nice GUI
and Linux's gui is still in its infancy, but one OS runs on my hardware and one
OS "chooses" not to. End of comparison.


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