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Subject: Re: Macally 2 Button adb | About Sound In on YDL!
From: Andrew B. Arthur (
Date: Mon Nov 22 1999 - 14:44:33 MST

>From: Ed Jaeger <>

> I have gotten the Macally 2 button adb mouse to work with kernel 2.2.12.

> It works fine with
> This mouse is the only multi button adb mouse I could find that's
> currently being produced, but it's not suppported out of the box w/YDL
> CS1.1.

Yes it is, if you run these commands as root after launching your X Server:

/sbin/mousemode 3 66 #Set the interrupt handler for the third mouse button
to 66 so the kernel sees it.

xmodmap -e "pointer = 1 3 2" #reverse the order of the mouse so that right
click, works and doesn't give you middle click.

Note: This doesn't work for the middle button, so your out of luck. It works
fine for kernel 2.1.125 (or even 2.2.7 I compiled myself which I am running
now) for me, your luck may very. No patches needed.

Also, there are some ADB trackballs that work under Linux in case you are

> So, if you've got
> an adb mac and want to use a commonly available 2 button mouse I'll be
> happy to send you the patch - its not big.

In case you are wondering, TOE has created a backport of the audio-input
kernel driver for 2.2.x, so if you want to record sounds from the Microphone
you need to get his patch at How's that
for a tangent when you need a good one :)

Recompile. Recompile.


Andrew B. Arthur
(G)AIM: AArthur PPC

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