Re(2): Linux and BeOS

Subject: Re(2): Linux and BeOS
From: Frank M. Lazar ( )
Date: Wed Nov 24 1999 - 23:24:54 MST writes:
>The reason Apple may not like Be is Jean Louis Gassee ...
>and vice-versa of course. Remember Gassee was kicked out of Apple, and he
>is the master-mind behind a lot of the no-brain schemes that Apple cooked
>over the years.
>Be is lazy anyhow.

Add to that the possibility that Jean-Louey might still be in a bit of a
snit that Amelio passed over buying him out in favor of Jobs. Be was
perceived as a considerably greater threat to Apple than Linux because it
aimed a lot closer to the multimedia-graphics market, the cream of Apple's
pro customers.

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