Re: installation question

Subject: Re: installation question
Date: Thu Nov 25 1999 - 10:26:35 MST

>From: Kayser Wong <>

> Hi everyone, I'm totally new here and totally new to Linux, hope that I
> can learn things from you all.
> I bought YDL Champion server 1.0 from a friend with a low cost. But I
> have a B/W G3 400.

> Is it possible to install the YDL 1.0 on to it?


You will likely need a newer kernel then found on the CD, get it here
(remember download as binary and place in Mac OS System Folder):

> yes, how can I do it?

That should all you need to install YDL 1.0 on a BlueG3. After you get it
installed (and an internet connection setup), you will want to consult the
Yellow Dog Linux errata and get the various security updates (of programs
you use) it suggests. Also you may want to get various updates from the web,
that you want, such as october-gnome or KDE 1.1.2 (if you want to).
Installing software packages from the web is easy -- just a quick

rpm -Uvh

usually does the trick. :)

>I read the manual and learn that I can only do it
> on HFS format drive, is it true?

No, Your disk can contain both HFS+, HFS and Linux partitions on one drive.
However, Linux will not be able to show any files on a HFS+ partition --
mounting it under Linux gives you the classic Where_Have_All_My_Files_Gone?.

> I have an external drive attached through firewire, can I install YDL on to
the external drive?

I don't think so, because Linux doesn't yet support Firewire, so it won't
even see your Firewire drive. You might want to use your internal IDE drive
for Linux and the Firewire drive for Mac OS.

> Thanks very much.

Happy Thanksgiving. Happy Holidays.


Andrew B. Arthur ||
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