TrueType Fonts

Subject: TrueType Fonts
From: Andrew B. Arthur (
Date: Sat Nov 27 1999 - 20:20:10 MST

If your like me, you have quite the collection of nice and useful fonts (and
if you need some just search the web -- you'll find dozens of free fonts).

At any rate, RedHat-based PowerPC Linux distros come with a built in font
server that supports truetype fonts (xfs), although I find it is slow and
looks ugly compared to the results of xfstt.

First you need to have True Type Fonts with their data in the datafork (aka.
Windows format). If you have Mac Fonts you need to convert, you can use a
program like Resourcer (Resedit won't work) and copy all of the data in the
ffil resource to the data fork. Another way to do this is using a $10
shareware program called TT Converter.

Note: Apple's Fonts (like Charcoal, Techno, Chicago, etc.) are in a
compressed format I have yet to find any documentation on, if you could
point me in the right way with this it would be helpful.

At any rate when you desired fonts are in Windows format, copy them to
/usr/share/fonts/truetype/ (most likely you will need to make this directory
yourself). Then get xfstt-1.0-1.ppc.rpm from's contrib
directory (note this is simply the RedHat contrib RPM rebuilt for glibc-2.1
PowerPC Linux machines) and install it.

Then you need to sync the fonts with the server by typing xfstt --sync.
Finally, you need to restart BOTH your X Server and xfstt.

***Written out by commands:

su #you need to be root
rpm -Uvh
cp [windows truetype fonts] /usr/share/fonts/truetype/
killall -9 X #or if you are using a x-logon use that name instead
killall -9 xfstt
xfstt -sync
xfstt &

Then you need to start x and try out your new fonts.


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