Re: [newbie need help]

Subject: Re: [newbie need help]
From: Tom Tarka (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 05:07:49 MST

Kayser Wong wrote:

> But how do I run x configurator?

login as root on the computer. Type:

follow the instructions. for more info, do a : man Xconfigurator

if it cannot find Xconfigurator, try: /usr/X11R6/bin/Xconfigurator
(don't quote me on that, but it should be something similar).

> And how much swap spce do you give to Linux? Is it correct to calculate
> pt as double the ram? I have 256 MB of ram, and 512 MB of swap looks a
> lot to me, can I give less to the swap and increase space to root instead?

you don't need double. You need as much total memory as you think you'll
ever use, where total memory = real memory + swap space

I generally figure on needing, oh, anywhere from 196 megs of memory, to as
high as 256 megs (unless you're setting it up as a webserver for a big site,
a machine for 50+ users or a machine to do really memory intensive tasks,
you shouldn't need more than 256 or 300 Megs of memory, EVER). So,
given that you already have 256 Megs of ram, you might just want to make a
50 meg or so swap partition to give you 306 total megs of memory, or maybe
go without one at all.

> I know these questions sound too basics for yu, sorry about tyhat. I'm
> too new to Linux but sure like to try it out, thanks ...

no worries! welcome to the linux community.


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