8free86 and 8500

Subject: 8free86 and 8500
From: raptor (raptor@outer.net)
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 14:29:43 MST

X seems to be terribly slow on my 8500, particularly under gnome,
although kde is faster.

Xconfigurator only detects 2mb video ram although I have 4, and
doesn't allow me to specify - thus limiting resolutions. also it
seems to be using a driver "control" (generic?) non-accellerated.
does anyone know what the onboard video card in the 8500 ought to be?
Does anyone have a working xfconfig file that has been edited from
the default? I have tried editing mine somewhat, but it typically
produces no video no matter what I do with it. I am using YDL 1.1
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