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Subject: Re: [newbie need help]
From: Neil Jolly (
Date: Tue Nov 30 1999 - 20:58:12 MST

Kayser Wong wrote:

> 11/30/99 12:16 AM 11/30/99 12:16 AM
> >Someone else can probably explain what to do much better but I'll give it a
> >try...
> >
> >I think you need to run Xconfigurator to setup X.
> >Then try typing startx at the command prompt.
> >
> >If you can get into X successfully from there, next you can edit your
> >/etc/inittab (i think...) file to startup into runlevel 5 ( go straight
> >into X at startup).
> >
> >DO NOT attempt to startup directly to runlevel 5 if you can not use X
> >successfully by typing startx after logging in.
> >
> >..hope that helps a little.
> Thanks.
> But how do I run x configurator?
> And how much swap spce do you give to Linux? Is it correct to calculate
> pt as double the ram? I have 256 MB of ram, and 512 MB of swap looks a
> lot to me, can I give less to the swap and increase space to root instead?
> I know these questions sound too basics for yu, sorry about tyhat. I'm
> too new to Linux but sure like to try it out, thanks again.

Check out the page in my signature for instructions on stting up XFree86.

Neil Jolly
Got trouble with your X?

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