Re: Invalid vmode error on bootup

Subject: Re: Invalid vmode error on bootup
From: Andrew Dacey (
Date: Thu Dec 02 1999 - 17:15:00 MST

I don't really see what the upgrade of XFree86 would do. It's an error
with the kernal arg as far as I know. Although it is right at the end of
my dmesg output so it may be coming when X is launched. Will have to try
disabling X in the start-up (or just booting into single user mode) to
see if that still produces the error. Will report back with findings. I
too have tried different modes (15-17) and all have given it. I think it
is working though in X as 15 is a slower refresh and it was really
bugging me in X whereas 16 & 17 are fine for me.


Neil Jolly wrote:

> I've been getting the same error message on my Beige G3 since I installed
> XFree86-3.3.5. I haven't investigated the cause since it works just fine, but
> I'd be interested in knowing what the problem is. I've tried a variety of
> vmode args ranging from 12 - 17. All settings produce this error, and any
> settings higher than 14 result in the console screen being offset to the left
> when compared to the same settings while running X. I've also tried running
> xvidtune to fine tune the settings, but xvidtune does not seem to be
> operational either.
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