Re: ydl1.1 & pmac 7200 woes

Subject: Re: ydl1.1 & pmac 7200 woes
From: Bob Kuehne (
Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 06:52:54 MDT

On Fri, 1 Oct 1999, Jason Knight wrote:

> One thing I haven't seen anyone ask, are you using the onboard graphics
> or a 3rd party card? I just installed CS 1.1 on a7200/120 and the only
> difficulty I had was something wonky in the scsi chain (I've cobbled
> together 4 external drives of various vintage - macos wasn't too fussy
> about the order, but the ydl installer was). All standard stuff, but I
> just dropped ramdisk.image.gz and vmlinux into the top level of the
> system folder, installed bootx, checked use ramdisk and no display
> driver, left the root device field blank, and everything went fine.

it sounds like it should just work. i'm using a 7200/90 with the internal
video, no extra scsi devices (ok, one extra internal disk, but i tried
unplugging it, and it made no difference), nada funky about it. i'm
starting to think maybe something strange is going on with the monitor
(like it can't sync with the setting that ydl is putting the video in).

is there a good reference for how to drive the install via a serial port?

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