Re: [YDL] - Installer Exit signal 11

Subject: Re: [YDL] - Installer Exit signal 11
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Sat Oct 02 1999 - 19:29:34 MDT


Download the upd_cdramdisk.image.gz from

or install 1.1 instead.

> I'm having trouble installing YDL 1.0 on a G3 Powerbook (circa June 1999).
> I created a 1 Gig unallocated partition for Yellowdog Linux using disk
> setup. Rebooted into MacOS, copied the BootX control panel and extension
> into the correct places. Copied vmlinux and ramdisk.image.gz to the system
> folder. When I boot into Linux with BootX everything goes ok. I get the
> Welcome to Yellow Dog Linux! screen, then the select language screen.
> However when I select a language (English), the installer abruptly exits
> with a signal 11 error. Game over.
> Since I can't get any farther than than the select language screen, I'm
> baffled as to how to proceed. Any ideas?
> -Chris Seidel
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