Subject: PowerBook
From: Jim Cole (greyleaf@yggdrasill.net)
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 04:32:57 MDT

Did you try doing a /sbin/modprobe ppp before hitting pppd?

For future reference on finding out where the modem is, you might want to
take a look at the output from dmesg. On my system, dmesg drops a line that
looks like...

tty00 at 0xc8305020 (irq = 15) is a Z8530 ESCC (cobalt modem)

Btw, if this is one of the new PowerBooks you might really consider picking
up/downloading a copy of CS1.1. That is what I used for my Lombard and I had
a functional system up and running in about 30 minutes.


seidel@pangloss.com's bits of Sun, 3 Oct 1999 translated to:

> After installing YDL CS1.0 on a G3 powerbook (from a CD I bought a couple
> of months ago) I can't get X to work. So I'm trying to use Xautoconfig to
> help me out. However to get Xautoconfig onto the system I'm trying to get a
> ppp connection up and running. After spending an inordinate amount of time
> figuring out that the modem is connected to ttyS0 (and not ttyS3 as for
> earlier powerbooks), and typing in the chat scripts by hand from other
> linux distributions I use, I get an error in the log file that this kernel
> does not support PPP.
> Is it true that the Champion Server 1.0 kernel doesn't support PPP? Do I
> have to recompile the kernel just to get PPP? Without being able to
> connectto a network I can't get any files onto my machine (I was spoiled by
> netcfg).
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