Re: Newbie Networking Question

Subject: Re: Newbie Networking Question
From: Jim Cole (
Date: Sun Oct 03 1999 - 06:55:30 MDT


Not sure how much help this response will be; your question sort of implies
that you might need a longer answer than you will get from a mailing list
or simplified faq/howto. There is really nothing special about getting
two different machines talking to each other. I have a PowerBook, a Sparc,
and three Intel boxes, spanning more OS's than I will admit to ;) all
networked and happy with each other. The trick is just going to be getting
each individual machine correctly configured for a TCP/IP based network.

You might take a look at

and see if it is of any use. It is a Linux LAN and Firewall FAQ that has
a section on configuring a home LAN.

If your current efforts aren't just a one time shot to move some files
around, you might want to hit the bookstores and look for some books
on Linux/UNIX networking.


Erich R. Carter's bits of Thu, 30 Sep 1999 translated to:

> <waving white flag> OK, could someone point me to a simplified
> FAQ/HOW-TO on networking an Intel RH 6.0 system and my B&W G3 running
> YDL 1.1? I have some linux experience (in a single desktop
> environment), but I finally decided to bite the bullet (have a
> really large file I need to move from one puter to the other) and
> connect my Mac (upstaires) with my X86 PC (downstairs). I have
> everything working well in MACOS/WIN 98 side, but I think I've spent the
> last couple of days reading too many books, and LDP HOW-TO's and have
> managed to scramble my brain :(. On both systems I have just done a
> fresh install of everything, all errata updates have been applied, and
> I have opted to NOT install networking during instalation, so the only
> ifconfig interface runing is the local loopback device., with
> localhost.localdomain.

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