Re: Any news on 450 G4?

Subject: Re: Any news on 450 G4?
From: jim hopper (
Date: Mon Oct 04 1999 - 14:54:47 MDT

To really do any good on G4 gcc will need to be updated to deal with
alt vec instructions. does anyone know of any work in this area?

thanks jim

>As soon as we get ahold of one of these machines we hope to support it in
>a timely manner. The same is true for the iBook. Although, said to
>currently be shipping.. they seems to be in very short supply.
> > Hi all, what's the latest news on the effort to get Yellow Dog Linux
> > running on the Sawtooth (450 & 500) G4s? How soon can we expect an
> > update?
> > Thanks.
> > -- Dan
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