Multibutton USB mice all supported?

Subject: Multibutton USB mice all supported?
From: Tom Pollard (
Date: Tue Oct 05 1999 - 12:11:06 MDT


I want to get a mouse for my Lombard powerbook, which is running the
2.2.12 kernel from Hugh Caley's site. I'd like to get the new 4-button
Mouseworks USB mouse from Kensington (it's the only black mutibutton mouse
I can find), but there are some messages in the list archives that
indicate people have had trouble using 4-button Kensington ADB mice with
LinuxPPC R5. Does anyone know if the same problem exists for USB mice?

My main alternative is the Unimouse from ContourDesign. It sounds like
this works well with desktop machines. Is there anyone using this
successfully with a Lombard powerbook?

Thanks in advance for any advice anyone might have.



W. Thomas Pollard Schrodinger, Inc.

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