PowerBook 1400c Ethernet Adapter Trouble

Subject: PowerBook 1400c Ethernet Adapter Trouble
From: Dennis Murphy (dmurphy@leguin.montclair.edu)
Date: Wed Oct 06 1999 - 22:44:27 MDT

Not to write a "ME TOO!" message, but I have the exact same problem with
my PowerBook 1400c. It detects the internal 10mbit adapter, but it never
sends a thing. The RX packets are 0, with lots of dropped packets and
also lots of collisions... Not fun :-(

Any ideas, anyone?

Also -- the first time I fire up X, the entire root window, mouse cursor
included -- is blue. Everything is shaded blue. If I ctrl-alt-backspace
X, and restart it, everything's fine. Odd. :-)

  Dennis Murphy

On Wed, 6 Oct 1999, Scott Wood wrote:

> I have the same problem on my B&W G3 with a NetGear FA-310TX (Digital 21141 > chipset) using either the tulip driver compiled-in or the module and Linux > 2.2.6. I also noticed that the interrupt count for the eth1 interface in > /proc/interrupts is always 0. The built-in BMAC ethernet works, but I need > to use my box as a router.

> The link light and 100Mbit light is on, but I cannot send or recieve > anything (ping, tcpdump.. nothing). Could this an Open Firmware thing, > since Linux complains about the PCI BIOS not having enabled the card? Just > a thought...

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