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Subject: Re: CS 1.1 Ratings
From: Tom Pollard (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 09:29:49 MDT

On Thu, 7 Oct 1999, mg wrote:
> Linux PPC froze my CPU, requiring me to remove the logic board and
> battery, because resetting PRAM could not be done from keyboard because ADP
> ports were locked up.

Those were the pre-BootX days (it happened to me too last year). I've
done three LinuxPPC installations in the last couple of months and was
quite happy with how smoothly they went and how easy it's been to maintain
them. I can't really imagine that any of the Linux/PPC distributions
could be significantly easier or harder to install and maintain than any
of the others right now. They're all RedHat-based, right? Am I missing
something? How do they differ apart from the rpms they provide in the
basic install?

The only thing that's still not great is network setup, which for one
reason or another has been a pain in the neck for me on most of my
installations. netcfg and linuxconf look to me like they have a ways to
for before they approach the ease of networking setup you get with a Mac.
Is there anything for Linux that lets you save multiple network
configurations and switch between them painlessly? Depending on where I
am, for instance, my powerbook needs to have either a dynamic-ip (dhcp)
connection via ethernet, a PPP connection through one of three isps, or an
ip-masqueraded connection through my desktop machine. kppp makes the PPP
part easy, but I have to keep switching my other filesby hand (hosts,
resolv.conf, sysconfig/network, sysconfig/network-scripts/ifcfg-eth0, ...)


> YDL should be at the top aof the list, not the bottom.
> I'm complaining to them now!

W. Thomas Pollard Schrodinger, Inc.

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