XML tool for Linuxppc??

Subject: XML tool for Linuxppc??
From: Scott Janis (sjanis@thewire.ap.org)
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 10:45:11 MDT

Anyone know whre or how I can aquire an XML tool for linuxppc R4 and R5?

Tom Rini wrote:

> I'd like to announce some test RPMS for of XFree86-3.3.5 that will work
> under LinuxPPC 1999, YDL CS 1.x, and MkLinux pre-R1. These RPMS include
> the following:
> Anything that's been fixed in 3.3.5 over previous versions
> USB keymap problems (Backspace/delete)
> USB mouse stuff cleanup (mouseconfig sets BusMouse or IMPS/2)
> Cleaned up adb keymaps/keycodes/etc (Kostas Gewrgiou <gewrgiou@imbc.gr>)
> Updated Xautoconfig to take advantage of said fixes
> Updated Xconfigurator to take advantage of said fixes
> JDK fixes for XF68_FBDev
> Note, with the JDK fixes there is a 99% chance you will need to
> reconfigure X (old "Depth 32" is now 24, 16 is now 15 or 16, depending on
> weather it's really 15bit or 16bit.). If you have any problems with this
> release, please make sure you reconfigured your /etc/X11/XF86Config file
> with one of the provided tools. The old ones will not work properly.
> It's all available from ftp://devel.linuxppc.org/users/trini/XFree86-3.3.5
> For Xautoconfig, Xconfigurator and mouseconfig there are versions for
> uusbd (2.2.6) and normal USB stacks (2.2.10 from Paul M's site, 2.3.x,
> samba's kernel tree, etc).
> This fixes a good number of little bugs with USB (backspace in NS), and
> makes things a bit cleaner (you can configure USB for the new kernels),
> unless you're happy with your current setup, updating is sugjested, as
> there are many security fixes from or 3.3.4 to 3.3.5.
> ---
> Tom Rini (TR1265)
> http://gate.crashing.org/~trini/
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