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Subject: Re: CS 1.1 Ratings
From: Dan Burcaw (
Date: Thu Oct 07 1999 - 15:00:39 MDT

> No, you're not missing anything. If you compare 'RPMS' directory from
> the Developer Reference Release, LinuxPPC 1999, and YDL CS 1.1 you'll
> find nearly 100% overlap, right down to the broken esound RPMS.

But isn't that the point of the Reference Release? The basis of
distributions so they are compatible.. it benefits both sides to have
compatible systems.
> Currently the difference between the distributions's content is in the
> installers - LinuxPPC has an X-based installer in addition to the
> console-based RedHat installer, and CS 1.1 uses the RedHat one
> exclusively. The costs are different, but you can evaluate that
> yourself.

For now that's the major difference. We've put in significant effort
into the Red Hat installer and associated tools (i.e. Xconfigurator).
The installation is probably the most important part of Linux.. without it
you don't have a Linux system. We've made sure our installation works
smoothly on all hardware that we support. (we have at least one machine
representing each class of hardware we support)

Yes, YDL is actually cheaper then LinuxPPC at $24.95.
If you want the support you can pay more.. this gets you a 24 hour maximum
response time through a threaded web-based system. No lost support
questions. If you don't want support, that's okay .. all of our engineers
are on our mailing lists so if you have a question it gets answered. (By
us or by other users)

Lets not start a major thread here, but lets also set some of the facts
straight from both sides.

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